M-Ladies 2th edition

Cannes 2021

This edition was proudly sponsored by the following partners:

Style at Home 

Manou Rottiers

We enhance your property with temporary furniture, leading to a sale that is up to 6 times faster and more lucrative. Specializing in Home Staging, we have held the number 1 position in Belgium since 2010 and expanded our services to Spain in 2020. Our motto: 
We style, you sell! 


Vanessa Rivera-Martinez

Broker specialised in (bank) financial guarantees and securities



Micheline D'hondt

Real estate developer and investor
Development of offices, retail and residential real estate is part of the core business of Immogra. For over 50 years the emphasis has been on stability, vision and financial strength.

AR-VO Achitecten

Michèle Vochten


Chis De Bock

Fidimco real estate combines more than 20 years of real estate experience with a great expertise and personal approach. We have been a reference in property management for many years. 


Ingrid Vermerght

With the skill and love of the craft for over 50 years, Bulo remains true to their values, while creating beautiful, innovative furniture that inspires and moves with the changes.


Valérie Bekaert - Ceilux

Martine Callewaert - Stellar Immo
Riet Debaets - RieConnect